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The below testimonials were given by parents of St Mary’s past and present.

“Having 2 of my children currently attending St Marys, I can only say how well cared and nurtured they both are – this is in addition to the excellent schooling/education they are obviously receiving. They both really enjoy their time at school and genuinely look forward to going. They are developing into well rounded, caring and trusting individuals that have a foundation that should enable able them to adapt and progress well in life, both within and outside of education. A big heartfelt thank you to all the team at St Mary’s.”

“This is a great school in a beautiful location. My two boys love it and thrive on the happy, friendly atmosphere and high quality teaching.”

“We couldn’t be happier about the time our son has spent at St Mary’s so far. He lacks confidence at times but as he has progressed through Reception and Year 1, the care and encouragement he has received have helped him to shine. He goes into school, and comes out, with a big smile on his face, full of stories about what he has done that day. We couldn’t ask for more than that."

His teachers are exceptional in their understanding of his individual needs academically as well as having a genuine interest in him. We have noticed a steady progression in his learning and were astounded by his last school report by how well his teacher knows and understands him. We never have to worry about him when he’s at school because we know he is always well looked after. We look forward to when our youngest starts in Reception in a couple of years time.”

“St Mary’s School prides itself on supporting its pupils academic needs whilst ensuring pupils are also caring and thoughtful individuals who have an awareness of the needs of others around them. With two children at the school, it always brings a smile to my face when you are greeted by a child who holds the door open for you. For anyone looking for a dedicated team committed to the holistic education of children, you need look no further.”

“I wouldn’t send my children anywhere else. It’s such a wonderful family and a nurturing place. My children are very happy.”

“This is a happy school. All the kids know each other and all ages play together. The nativity this year was an absolute triumph and the children have really exciting trips to look forward to in the coming months.”

“St Mary’s combines a very caring friendly environment with increasingly great education- all 3 of my children love going to school and all the learning that they do.”

“My daughter is extremely happy at this school and I would not hesitate in sending my son when he is old enough. She is progressing well and this is documented well with the use of Tapestry, alongside direct communication with her teaching staff. The staff at the school appear to know all of the pupils well and are all extremely helpful. I can honestly say that I do not have a bad word to say about the school.”

“St Mary’s is a truly amazing school, I watch children arrive with apparent issues and love to see how they flourish. The ethos is very inclusive and every child and parent seems to be given equal and individual attention. I am made to feel that each of my children are special. My daughter cried for the first 2 days of the Christmas holidays as she was so upset not to have school for two weeks and was so excited about going back in January to a new topic! Thank you so much for making their school days so exceptional. All of the teachers seem interest and committed but this is really pulled together by the amazing headteacher. I have never responded to one of these surveys anywhere before but feel moved to for St Mary’s.”

"I have two children at St Mary’s and we feel it is a lovely school where they are very happy. I feel they are well cared for and the communication we get from their teachers is excellent. There are plenty of activities and they find the lessons stimulating.”

“I have 3 children at the school of various ages and they are all extremely happy at the school. They have made tremendous progress in all areas and constantly talk about the activities undertaken whilst at home. The teaching staff are friendly and take a real care and interest in my children – the friendly and caring nature of the staff are testament to a school which clearly puts the children first.”

“My girls absolutely love going to school in fact during a recent illness they were very disappointed that they would have to take a day off! They have made such amazing and surprising progress in the few years they have been at school – I am sure this is because they feel safe and happy. The school has a wonderful nurturing, family feel and my children are making great memories – who could ask for more?”

“I think this is a very, very good school. All the children are very happy. The teachers are very polite. My granddaughter is doing very well at this school.”

“I’m glad to have the opportunity to say what a lovely, happy school this is. I can’t as yet vouch for homework etc as our girls are just little still, but already the school has worked wonders for their confidence, apart from anything else. They love coming here, the staff are wonderful and supportive and the other pupils always seem kind and polite. Ticks all the boxes!”

“This is the most wonderful school I could of ever wished for, I’m so happy we found it, we are beyond happy with all the help and transition we have had integrating my son into this school on every level. They have been so supportive and kind, caring, helpful and i feel it is a joy for my son to attend such a school. He comes home happy every day. As a parent it doesn’t get any better than that.”